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What is Jungian Analysis?

Jungian analysis is a long-term dialectical relationship between two people, analyst and patient, and it is directed toward an investigation of the patient's unconscious, its contents and processes, in order to alleviate emotional or psychological suffering felt to be no longer tolerable because of its interferences with living.

The goal of a Jungian analysis is the patient's movement towards psychological wholeness or transformation. This transformation of the personality requires coming to terms with the unconscious, its specific structures and their dynamic relations to consciousness as these become available during the course of analysis.  

It is an essential feature of Jungian analysis that in pursuit of wholeness the unconscious is given a central voice. 

I offer Jungian analysis and counselling to help people who are in distress or have emotional problems. I work with children, adolescents, and adults from all walks of life.

I'm a Jungian Analyst-in-training at ISAPZurichTherefore my clinical work with patients and clients is conducted under the auspices of training at ISAPZurich and this encompasses the requirement to conduct the analysis under the supervision of recognised ISAP supervisors.

How can I help you?

My approach as a Jungian Analyst-in-training aims to facilitate a meaningful, conscious, developmental and transformational relationship with oneself and with others. Jungian analysis treats a broad range of symptoms and moods, anxiety and depression, trauma, child/adolescent/adult developmental issues, personality disorders, past and existing life circumstances, current difficulties and aspirations, transitioning from current to new life, achieving harmony between internal and external goals, seeking meaning in life and unconscious fantasies and dreams. Working creatively with all aspects of psychological and emotional patterns fosters awareness and change as one comes to terms with one’s limits and potentials.

My services in Jungian analysis and counselling is in-person only. I provide personality assessment services in-person and online. My practice is located at Arosastrasse 1, 8008 Zurich. I work with patients and clients from all walks of life.

For a confidential discussion or to find out more about my services and fees for Jungian analysis, please contact me at For more information about personality assessment and fees click here

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